Research Projects

Research Interests

Process Modelling and Simulation Lab deals in the design, development, integration, intensification, and operations of chemical and engineering processes including but not limited to following areas:

  • Gasification / Reforming / Oxyfuel 
  • Rankine and Brayton Cycles
  • Carbon Capture and Utilization
  • H2 / Methanol / Power Generation Systems
  • Waste to Energy Systems

Research Projects

  • Development of Waste to Energy systems for H2 and Methanol Production. (In-Progress)
  • Development of Methanol Production Process using multi fuels in the Integrated Processes (In-Progress)
  • Integration of Gasification Process with the Reforming and Oxy-Fuel Technologies for enhancing H2 / Electricity Production Capacity with CO2 Capture (Completed)

Completed Industrial Projects

  • Process monitoring and fault diagnosis of LNG plant of Test Bed 2 in South Korea (2016).
  • Process modification in IGCC process for power generation and CO2 capture (2015).
  • Process optimization of KEPCO IGCC power plant with CCS (2014).
  • CCS implementation with amine based solvents on 10MW post-combustion power plant (2014).
  • Plant design project on Production Of 2400 Metric Ton of Ammonia (2011).
  • Project report on preparation of BIO-DIESEL from rapeseed oil (2009).

Academic Projects

  • Development of Aspen Hysys Manuals for Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Programs at KFUPM (On Going) 
  • Curriculum development for BSc and PhD courses in Energy & Environmental Engineering at University of the Punjab (2017-2018)